Entering Academia
Tamar Alumni Network

Our Excellence in Science program, aims to increase the percentage of Bedouin students who will be accepted to academic studies in these fields.

In 2018, our first cohort of 47 Tamar Center students graduated from high school.
Through our Excellence in Science program, our alumni achieved high matriculation in Math, Physics, and English. The matriculation and self-confidence
they achieved enabled 59% of them to be accepted into institutes of higher education and challenge the widespread negative statistics re Bedouin achievement gaps.
In order to ensure that alumni enrolled in higher education, and those not yet enrolled, persevere and succeed we employ a group/individual, continual/holistic approach to guide and counsel them so that they make informed choices and take responsibility for their actions.
Through this process we see them grow; expand their soft skills, and their emotional skills (i.e. self and self-confidence). Moreover, the students serve as “thought-partners” for each other, by providing support, as well as access to pertinent information, which increases their sense of belonging.
All that helps and will help them in the near and far future overcome different obstacles in their lives.
We believe that both individual guidance and strengthening the network among our 47 graduates will help them complete their first degrees and make wise academic and career choices. We also provide emotional, logistical, and cultural counseling.
On a group level, we provide guidance and support in our monthly meetings around subjects relating to “adulting,” empowerment, academia, and employment.
On an individual level, the Alumni Network Director is in touch with the alumni on a weekly basis through one-on-one meetings, phone calls and text messaging. The individual support is geared towards helping them understand who they are, what they want, and how to get there. The director follows up with them on their next steps in order to ensure that their personal growth process in ongoing and their
goals are either achieved or adjusted.