Let’s make a difference!

The Tamar Center is a non-profit organization working towards a vision of young Arab Bedouin from the Negev igniting change from a position of choice, knowledge, belonging, and desire.
We do so through rooted, high-standard, sustainable educational programming.
In order to increase our impact, we require steady financial support.

You can help too!
Any sum of money that you put forward will enable us to increase our impact. We need your help.

We thank all of our partners and supporters for believing in our
approach and trusting us as we begin our journey.

Questions and Answers:

What is my donation going towards?

Your donation will fund our initiatives: Excellence in Science, Alumni Network, Young Scientific Leadership, and Teachers Community.

Is the donation secure?

The donation is completed immediately. Our credit card clearing system is secured by the highest standard and by the Icredit credit card clearing company.

Is our donation tax deductible?

Tamar Center has 46Aleph Israeli charitable tax deduction status. In order to receive US 501c3 tax deduction please email Ravit at Ravit@mtamar.org.il and she will guide you through the process.

Will I be given a receipt?

Absolutely. If you transfer the money by credit card Tamar Center will send you a receipt, which will be recognized by Israeli tax authorities, within 2-3 business days.

How much would you like to donate?

Other means of donation:

  • Telephone

    Call 08-9317345 and Our representatives will be happy to receive the donation details from you by the phone

  • Bank Transfer

    You can make a bank transfer to our account: Bank Masad (46), Branch 539, Be’er Sheva, Account number 507229

  • Check by mail

    Checks should be made out to: Tamar – The Multidisciplinary Center (RA)
    Address: The Tamar Center, Mordei Ha’geta’ot 106, Be’er Sheva