Let’s make a difference!

The Tamar Center is a non-profit organization that works to advance and develop Bedouin society in the Negev. Our work is based entirely on donations.
In order to increase our impact, we require steady financial support.
You can help too!
Any sum of money that you put forward will enable us to provide additional lessons to students and parent enrichment programs, buy educational equipment (books, notebooks and computers), develop more courses for more students and do more for others.
We need you. This is your moment to do something meaningful!

How much would you like to donate?

Questions and Answers:

What is my donation going towards?

Your donation will fund our initiatives: קידום מצוינות במדעים, פיתוח מקצועי למורים, סדנאות מעורבות למורים או שיפור השפה העברית של התלמידים

Is the donation secure?

The donation is completed immediately. Our credit card clearing system is secured by the highest standard and by the Pelecard credit card clearing company.

Is our donation tax deductible?

Your donation can receive approval for tax purposes based on section 46 of the tax order, with advance notice.

Will I be given a receipt?

Absolutely! Just fill out the e-mail address in the donation form. A receipt will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as possible (within two work days).

Other means of donation:

  • Telephone

    Call 08-9317345

  • Bank Transfer

    You can make a bank transfer to our account: Bank Masad (46), Branch 539, Be’er Sheva, Account number 507229

  • Check by mail

    Checks should be made out to: Tamar – The Multidisciplinary Center (RA)
    Address: The Tamar Center, Mordei Ha’geta’ot 106, Be’er Sheva

How else can you help?

Come volunteer!

Volunteers are the ones who change reality with their own two hands. This is your chance to take an active part in advancing and developing Bedouin society in the Negev.
If you think that you can devote your time to our activities, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please state your professional occupation, if you have one, for example: math teacher, counselor, photographer, accountant, etc.

Please note any experience you have in teaching or volunteering with youth

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