Hosting Mr. Muhammad Abu Krinat, Engineer of the Neveh Midbar Council


On top of the numerous hours of classroom studies that our students undergo within the program for advancing excellence in the sciences, we expose them to the world of engineering and industry in Israel, while instilling faith and confidence in their abilities to reach and succeed within these fields.
As part of the program we invite individuals from within the Bedouin community in the Negev to share their personal stories with the students, each of whom is a pioneer in his/her respective field. As a result, the students are inspired and guided to continue on their path towards integrating the world of science and engineering.
We were privileged to host Muhammad Abu Krinat, the engineer of the Neveh Midbar Regional Council and member of the Social Board of Directors at the Tamar Center. Muhammad shared his fascinating personal story with the students. He gave a detailed description of the hardships, challenges and difficulties that stood in his way, and how despite of, as well as on account of these challenges, he was able to advance and meet the goals he set for himself throughout his remarkable career.