A meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture on the advancement of the Tamar Center


We had the privilege of hosting the Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel, at the Tamar Center. The Ministry of Agriculture plays a central role in supporting and promoting the activities lead by the Tamar Center.
The Minister of Agriculture, along with his staff and employees, provide the Tamar Center with great assistance in developing various projects.
The minister met with representatives of organizations that support and partner with the Tamar Center. He met with members and representatives of the Ministry of Education lead by Dr. Muhammad Elahiv, who oversees education in the Bedouin population, heads of Bedouin authorities in the Negev, high school principals, public figures, parents and students in our programs. The minister promised to continue supporting the projects lead by the Tamar Center and to work to promote education in the Negev’s Bedouin population, so as to bring about the desired change!