Walking the path of the suspended bridges


During a scientific trip to Haifa, we drove to the path of the suspended bridges. Our guide, Azmi Abu Karmin, met us there and took us on an interesting and challenging tour. The students were accompanied by their teachers from the Tamar Center, Mrs. Keren Nusi, Mr. Muhammad Abu Salik, Mr. Iman Alfiomi and Mrs. Sefa Sliman, the program director.
The trip demonstrates one of the ways in which the Tamar Center combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the science program’s curriculum for students.
The program is the first of its kind in the Negev to invest in scientific studies in order to reduce the gaps within the Bedouin society in these fields of study.
Since its establishment, the Tamar Center has found that many high-achieving male and female students in the Negev undertake traditional studies, due to a lack of direction and encouragement to pursue scientific fields.